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I spent the first four years of my life in a small town called Oxford in Pennsylvania where my fathers’ family had set their roots.  My grandfather was a carpenter and I remember the smell of sawdust in his shop when he would work on projects.  We moved to Aurora​ Colorado when popps got a job offer and I just love it here!

After two years of college I couldn’t quite commit to a profession so I decided to travel.  It was on one of my journeys that I found myself stranded in Maui waiting on paperwork to return to my job on a cruise ship that toured the islands.  (Rough life right?)  I found temporary work helping finish a large outdoor tile job and I was hooked.  I had always been crafty and made Christmas gifts from a very young age, but this was different.
When I returned home I found a program where I learned how to build a home from the foundation up.  Since then I’ve worked at The Home Depot , an apartment complex, and a restoration company.  Restoring homes after water and fire damage with
Nubilt Restoration and Construction taught me the most valuable lessons. 

I have always loved helping others accomplish things they didn’t know they could, so when the opportunity arose to compete for my own TV show I jumped!  HGTV's All American Handyman was an an awesome experience!!!! And I won!!! WHAT!​!​!​!  Having my own show would mean I could help people improve their lives in more ways than one, how exciting!

My win included a $10,000​ Sears shopping spree and a development deal with HGTV!!!!  After giving four of the other contestants $500 each, buying ma and popp a washer and dryer, and spoiling myself and others just a bit I’ve got a little left.  The development deal is another story... I was ready to stay in LA and begin filming the next day...... but there is a twist.  The development deal is up to me.  I am my videographer, sound guy, editor, and all around Renaissance wo-man!  I traveled all over the country helping people with their honey do lists on what I called my Sonne Do Tour.  I'd like to continue to help people improve their homes and lives as well as visit local businesses and promote other awesome individuals on the Sonne Do Tour round 2!!!  l

I’ve got to prove that what I do is show worthy so any help is invaluable!  That’s where you come in.  Follow me here, on facebook, twitter, instagram, and YouTube.  Enter for a stop on my                                      and I’ll share my knowledge and skill to uplift you and others to a better living condition, state of mind, and existence. 

I measure my wealth by the friendships that I make and the adventures that I share.  I’d love to count you as my friend and share an adventure!

                                                                                 Let me know how I can help.......  



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