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Sonne Shields
The Sonne Shields LLC

After 26 States and 24,000 Miles,
The “Sonne-Do Tour” Returns to Aurora 


Sonne Shields, Winner of HGTV’s All American Handyman,
Helped People around the Country Cross Off Honey-Do Items


June 10, 2014 – Aurora, CO – One year ago, Sonne Shields loaded up her tools and hit the road in her trusty van. She wanted to make history, proudly wearing her title as HGTV’s first woman “All American Handyman” and help people in need of home repairs. The Sonne-Do Tour made 28 stops in 26 states and travelled more than 24,000 miles. Learn more about Sonne at                                                     .

Along the way, Sonne visited relatives and friends, while making new buddies and even taking a shot at comedy. The yearlong adventure allowed her to share her passion and expertise, sometimes making money to fuel the trip while also helping the less fortunate in exchange for room and board. In Minneapolis, Sonne joined forces with DIY Network’s Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis to update a bathroom and repair a fence.

“I was able to take in our beautiful and diverse country, enjoying the fact that I can make a difference,” said Sonne. “Whether their home was destroyed by a tornado or they just don’t know how to fix a shower, people are uplifted when their home has been treated with some love.”

However, with all the fun and positive experiences, she did witness some devastation. In New Jersey, she heard the sirens all day while a fire consumed the Seaside boardwalk. In New Orleans, she looked around the Lower 9th Ward, where damage is still very present from Hurricane Katrina.

“There are always more people who need help and the Sonne-Do list will never be completely done,” she added. “However, it feels good to be home and I will continue to seek ways to make my mark. I’ve got a van full of tools, a head full of knowledge, and a heart full of love that I’m always ready to share.” 

In addition to helping people with their honey-do lists, Sonne also shared her tales on the stage of local comedy clubs, specifically embracing the comedy culture of Buffalo, Seattle and Salt Lake City.  Sonne hopes to team up with a production company to possibly produce a show titled, “The Sonne-Do List.”

Sonne plans on staying in Colorado for the summer, but if you, a loved one or neighbor are in need of some Sonne-do assistance, sign up on the wish list on                                                                                                                                          and you may be chosen for her next round of travel.

Join Sonne at two upcoming Habitat for Humanity projects on June 18-20 and June 25-26. Visit                                                                    for more details about how to become involved. She will also be bringing her comedy to local clubs; check her out every other Wednesday at 8 p.m. at Devon’s Pub, 4992 E. Hampden Ave.  On June 21 and 22, Sonne will be at Blush and Blu, 1526 E. Colfax Ave, to celebrate Pride weekend.  

Follow Sonne Shields on Facebook at                                                                                              and watch a wide variety of travel and project-related videos on YouTube:                                                                                                                                                                                                            You can also follow her on Twitter:                                                                                                  and Instagram:   



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