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See what #sonnedo next

~...This is the plan ... sometimes plans are modified ... so check in frequently for updates...~

I do funny!

Need a host for a show?  

Need a hype man? Need someone to entertain you???  


I'm your gal!

I need motivation to get on stage more!  If you want to try out comedy and you want a buddy to go with you, let me know!


Call me  720-230-3082

Give me a cool project!

I'd love to make some furniture


Ellen's design show has inspired me!

 I have wanted to build and create furniture for quite some time now.  I'm gonna make it happen!!  Let me know if you have a project for me.


Online learning opportunities


Life is virtual during these days of the Rona.  Good news though we can still zoom.

Let me know if you would like to get some Sonne guidance!  I dont know it all but I do know a lot.  


Small tour option

 Do you have a good reason for me to visit and help improve your home and life!?  Or just want me to party with you... let me know.  I'm headed West soon ish.

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